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5 Ft. Tall Intricately Carved and Lacquered Zitan or Hongmu Chrysanthemum Root wood Sculpture Designed for an Embassy

My understanding is that around the turn of the 20th century or 1900 the Government of Japan commissioned a Master Artisan of Wood Carving to make this work of art to be placed inside an embassy. I believe this to be true as the carvings central theme is the official flower of the Japanese Imperial Family namely a Chrysanthemum. The carving was to be placed upon a gilt bronze stand, which rings of truth as there is a perfectly drilled larger hole in each of the four base feet. I hope my photos are suitable as this truly is spectacular though simple themed as a piece of root wood. I am sure this wonderful carving would be standing in a fine embassy today, except somewhere at a time while carving the work it fell, doing superficial damage to one of the petals. The quality of the carving of this special piece is such that a suitable fix would be golden in nature.
About six years ago an appraiser at Waddington’s Auctions Toronto mentioned that he felt the sculpture was made of Zitan. The wood grain is a mid dark brown in color, and though the piece is quite heavy I will not commit to that genre of wood, though it is a possibility. $CAN 12000.00 Dollars

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Japanese Unusual Size 7 2/5 ins. by 11 4/5 ins. Woodblock Print of Young Lady with Bird Screen with C. 1890 Art Nouveau Gilt Frame

Though I cannot find another woodblock in this motif, I know that I’ve seen this scene before. What is unusual is the size of this woodblock, as there are no woodblocks to be found in this sized format. Also, the paper is not your typical mulberry paper, though it is quite fine. The frame is compatible with the print, with both being in beautiful condition. Can. $300.00

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Pair of Cranes (Longevity) Asian Porcelain 10 1/4 ins. Tall by 4 3/4 ins. Wide Hat Stands-Mint Condition

​This is a pair of late 19th early 20th century either Chinese or Japanese Hat Stands with Cranes in a marshland motif. The artisan who decorated the hat stands was very adept at decoration involving enamels. CAN. $800.00 for the Pair.

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Signed Hanging Scroll Early 20th Century Beautiful Young Lady 77 1/2 inches Tall by 17 2/3 ins. wide (44 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 ins).

Beautifully rendered and Romantic painting of a Young Lady in a robe with her hair ever so slightly jostled….obviously a gifted artist, to capture such lovely quiet emotion-Wonderful and artistic Seal of the Artist-CAN. $800.00

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Naruse Seishi Massive 28 ins. Wide y 17 ins. Tall 1893 Chicago Colombian World’s Expo Grand Prize Winner Porcelain Tray

​This is a one of a kind porcelain Masterpiece by the Master Artisan who in 1893 won the Grand Prize for Crafts, which that year was a Bronze Medal, the second-place prize that year was an ‘Honorary Gold Medal’ and was won by Makuzu Kozan for his elaborately designed pair of large vases. Shortly thereafter he would become the Official Potter to the Japanese Imperial Family. Of special interest is the fact that both Kozan and Seishi sacrificed 8 years of their lives in the creation of these single Masterpiece for the Chicago World’s Exposition.

Of even greater significance and in a feat never before seen in the history of the World’s Fair Exposition an exhibit specifically LOT # 561 titled an ‘ORNAMENT’ by Naruse Seishi -Gifu won the Grand Prize that year. In point of fact the ornament was the ROOIF of a ceramic replica of the Tokugawa Shrine Gate at Nikko Japan and measured .75 meters tall and .45 meters wide. On the ocean transit, the ship was almost sunk in a typhoon, however, the bottom two-thirds of the replica was destroyed, along with other Masterpieces destined for Chicago, including a set of 4 season massive cloisonne vases by Kumeno Tietaro.

When the judges witnessed the intricacy of the design of the ROOF they awarded it the Grand Prize Bronze Medal. The great Kinkozan Sobei VII who had medaled in every other World’s Fair was shut out. The great Yabu Meizan had a special technique copied here from a Wikipedia article “Meizan’s works are characterized by minute decoration applied using copper plate designs. These engraved copper plates were used to print the designs on paper, which would then be cut to provide stencils for painting on vases or plates” Meizan chose to nevcer exhibit at a World’s Exposition.

Photos and information on the famed ” Roof” can be found in a catalog of an exhibit of Naruse Seishi’s work held in Japan in 2010 in the Harvard Fine Arts library as well as in a large museum in GIFU Japan. POR

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Antique Japanese Graphite Art of Immortals Inshu Mitsumata Fiber Handmade Japanese Paper- Gold Splash Matting Actual works 9.5 ins. by 8.5 ins.

In all honesty, I never considered any art drawn with a pencil to be considered ‘Fine Art’ until I found these special works that are drawn on a special 20-gram weight handmade fiber sheets….then to top it off with gorgeous high-grade gold splash paper. Each is a depiction of Immortals, one a beautiful Goddess who was discovered by a Samurai Shogun who had to battle all manner of mythical entity to reach her, and the second an innocent rider on horseback who is actually an immortal in disguise. These graphite artworks are obviously quite rare, as I could not find another such example. I will consider offers on this pair.

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17th-18th C. Pair of Japanese Negoro Lacquer Trays Mt. Fuji and Island Seascapes

These wonderful Negoro Lacquer trays start out as wooden trays that are skillfully carved into the desired scene, then given many, sometimes hundreds of layers of lacquers to finish as very desirable works of art. The trays are slightly different in size the larger measuring 14 ins. by 9 ins., and the smaller 12 ins. by 8 ins. I am looking for offers of interest on these beautiful and as a pair, very rare trays.

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Signed Sea of Japan Korean War Painting of US Warship USS Eversole DD 789 with period photo of American Sailor by Japanese Artist

Beautiful painting on a map of the USS Eversole in choppy seas, a depiction of the ship at sea during the Korean War. To the top right is an actual photo of a sailor aboard that ship. These works of art were sent home to loved ones. This artwork has a single crease, however, this does little to detract from a rousing naval art piece painted and signed by a Japanese artist, along with what would have been a brief story behind the painting, perhaps a little historical context.

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Utagawa Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Print 13 1/4 ins. by 9 ins. Night Scene With Boats in Moonlit Harbor Jizuri Seal

I found a number of 4 character Red Seals marks to the bottom left identical to that of the work below of a Hiroshige print from the Victoria and Albert collection and also noted there are two marks to the exterior one on the left that I believe is a Jizuri seal of the artist with a second top right of the print. I am looking for more information and offers on this woodblock please.

The woodblock meant something to the former owner as it is professionally very well and solidly framed in aluminum.

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18th -19th C. Tokugawa Shrine Gate at Nikko Japan 24 ins. by 24 ins Embroidery with Pigments from Museum

This 2-foot square embroidery with pigments shows the Tokugawa Shrine Gate at Nikko Japan, a historical site where six of the Tokugawa Edo Period Shoguns are buried. There is a larger version of this work in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. I am not sure of the significance of the Chrysanthemums flowing from under the roof of the gate….was it celebratory or mourning….pretty sure the museum in New York would know. The embroidery had a black paint matching touch-up, and is in beautiful condition.

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Japanese Triptych Woodblock Print 28 3/4 ins.Wide by 13 3/4 ins. Tall -Bijin with Parasol Greeting a Samurai Warrior

The colors on this woodblock are very bright. This piece features young ladies in a cherry blossom garden greeting a samurai. Two-thirds of the way up the left-hand side of the middle print, part of the color on a parasol is missing. There is some glue residue noted at the bottom area where the left and right woodblocks connect with the center. The triptych has tilted slightly in the frame, however otherwise is in good condition. CAN $400.00

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Master Artisan Signed Japanese Porcelain 9 ins. Wide by 4.5 ins. Tall Finely Enamel Decorated ‘Cranes’ Pedestal Dish

This pedestal dish was obviously hand decorated by a Master Artisan, with the cranes viewed in their natural environment. The enamel colors utilized give the art form a natural look so lifelike you almost wish they could lift off…such are the skills of this master. CAN. $475.00

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18th C. Tokugawa Clan Crest Samurai Brass Encased Blue and White Porcelain Stacking Bowls

This has to be one of the rarest pieces from my collection….having been a soldier myself I know that combat does not take a lunch break….never has and never will, with the possible exception of a special Christmas day supper. So we can imagine during a lull in the battle a Samurai reaching under his armor or inside a pack for these little stacked bowls in their precision fit lidded brass encasement, for a small protein snack. Tere is a small bruise on the second level bowl that coincides with a small dent that looks to have been made by a piece of lead shot….The handle on the lid could use a rewelding, though it is still solidly attached. Otherwise, quite a rare piece from the last Edo Shogunate.

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Signed Edo Period Enamel Decorated Kutani 5 1/4 ins. Wide by 3 1/4 ins. Tall Porcelain Dragon and Phoenix Village Scene Bowl

​Kutani signed Village scene excellent condition bowl with a fierce dragon hiding at the bottom, waiting I believe for one of the villagers to fall from their tenuous perches on the sides. The enameling would have taken weeks to complete as each color required a different temperature and amount of firing time. $600.00

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Yoshtoshi Woodblock Print

This woodblock print inside the frame (actual work) measures 13 .5 inches in height by 9 1/4 inches wide with the colors fresh and vibrant.