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Chinese 18th-19th Century Glass Egg Yolk Yellow Bowl 6 ins. Wide by 3 ins. Tall Birds and Cherry Blossoms

This bowl’s rim has been carved down and what makes this bowl special is that bubbles can be seen in the walls of the bowl, along with ash particles from a wood-fired kiln. These older glass bowls given their predisposition to break are now very difficult to find. No damage. CAN. $500.00

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Set of Six (6) Signed Quezal 5.5 ins. Tall by 5 ins. Wide at the Mouth Calcite Gold Lamp Shades-Mint Condition

These are a set of six signed Quezal Calcite and Gold lampshades that are in MINT condition. These came from a fine collection and are very reasonably priced at CAN. $900.00

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Large Quezal Floor Lamp Signed Circa 1900 Mark Pulled Feather Shade 9 3/4 ins, Wide by 5 3/4 ins. Tall-Mint Condition

​This is a large Signed Quezal Pulled Feather Shade measuring 9.75 inches wide, by 5.75 inches in height. The shade came from a very fine collection of art glass shades and is in mint condition. CAN $700.00

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Set of 4 C. 1900 Quezal Signed Gold Pulled Feather Shades 6 1/4 ins. Tall by 4 3/4 ins. Wide-MINT Condition

This is a set of four (4) Signed Circa 1900 mark Quezal Pulled Feather Lamp Shades each measuring 6 1/4 ins. tall by 4 3/4 ins. Wide at the mouth lampshades in MINT condition

Set of 5 Handel Shell Shades with Tiffany Creamy Caramel Color Leaded Glass -144 total pieces of precision fitting.

I went to a small country auction about 6 months ago and was in the right place at the right time….the weather was miserable, yet I decided to check out the auction because there were 3 sets of fine late 19th early 20th century Table or Chandelier Art Glass Shades up for bidding.

This is a set of 6 Handel Shell Shades with Tiffany Leaded glass….exceedingly rare. In each of these shades there are 24 small irregular shaped pieces of Tiffany glass precision fit into the shade. In total there are 144 small panes of leaded glass with one slender long pane having a small clean horizontal crack.

I am using a 15 watt LED ‘Daylight’ bulb with the shades and when the power is turned on the reaction is magical with the small shades glowing like mica, with colors ranging from a warm yellowish white to shades of turquoise and Robin’s egg blue. The two other sets of shades I purchased were Quezal Gold pulled feather, and large calcite shades, and though they are quite nice, the Handel/Tiffany shades simply blow them away..

Set of Six CAN $1400.00.

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Set of Six Handel Lamp Shades with Tiffany Beige Creamy Lead Glass Shades

These shades measure at the fitter 2 1/8ths and 3 2/5ths at the mouth. These shades were made for Handel by Tiffany which becomes obvious once you turn the lights on giving the shades a chance to glow. with the manner of warmth particular to Tiffany alone. This set made circa 1900-1910 are in Mint condition.