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Chinese C. 1850 4 Pc. Luncheon Place Setting Bird & Butterfly

Jan-Erik Nilsson of the Goteborg Ceramics Website, said when speaking of the ‘Bird and Butterfly’ pattern it is hard to imagine at one time this was actually the name of a Dinner Service, and now even individual pieces are very rare to find. This pattern is considered to be a variation hybrid of the Canton Famille Rose pattern, except this pattern used much finer details and lots of gilding.

It is not hard to see that these 170 year old pieces were never used, as a sailor would take a once in a lifetime trip to China, and bring back home to Nova Scotia the finest souvenir he could afford and in this case it was a single luncheon place setting in the ‘Bird and Butterfly’ pattern where they remained untouched for well over a century and a half. $Can 550.00 Dollars

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Chinese Circa 1900 16 ins. H. by 12 ins. W Finely Etched Painted & Enameled Quali & Bamboo Table Screen

MAGINE, the finest Chinese Master Artisan’s from the mid 19th century onward namely porcelain decorators such as the 8 friends of Zhushan, whose better works now command six-seven figures. So here we have a magnificently and with exacting precision Master Artisan decorated porcelain table screen. I was so taken with the intricate design, that for three weeks I savored only the front of this work, however tonight, given the fact there was no artist’s seal affixed to the surface, it was high time to pay attention to the back, after all this is the kind of quality only a very small number of Provincial Master Artisan’s or even the highest echelon Masters can produce, and this work is so special that if not on the front of the work, there really is only one other option where a great Master might sign his work.

First thing I look for is signs of age….how about the nail heads and where the nail broke the surface of the wood….the result was wonderful nice oxidization on the early circa 1850-1900 misshapen nail head.

Now, if you are a great Master Artisan and have placed a form of identification to the back of the porcelain plaque, and are understandably proud of what is clearly a ‘Masterpiece’ , of course you want to provide protection to the back of the porcelain plaque, however, also ease of access….enjoy the photos….I may not sell the piece at this time….

I’ve been studying and collecting Chinese porcelain now for over 31 years and this being somewhat of a newer work in my collection in the coming days will be adding this to my website ......….. as there is a very revealing magnification tool to view “UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL” a great Master Artisan’s work. I have a feeling this artwork may have been created by a student apprentice from Qianjiang School of Ceramics. Looking at this exceptional porcelain creation it has been difficult for me to imagine why such a work does not bear the artist’s seal on the surface of the plaque?

Bi Botao one of the great porcelain decorators from the 8 Friends of Zhushan comes to mind when thinking of who the artist was, however as fine as his works were this plaque is like looking at Bi Botao’s works in the “third dimension”.

Though the stand clearly is not original to the plaque, and the frame including the backing is of such high caliber gazing at the absolute incomparable beauty of this porcelain piece I have resisted the temptation to remove the backing to see if this gifted porcelain Master Artisan has taken the time to sign the reverse…..$CAN 20000.00 Dollars

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Pair of Large Chinese Early 20th C. Famille Noire Porcelain Plaques with Phoenix Cranes Flowers, Birds off Balcony 38 1/4 Tall by 16 ins. W.

​My understanding is that this size and color of porcelain plaques are quite rare. The interesting truth behind these black plaques is that they are not black at all, rather a very deep purple-blue palette. These would be a focal point in any room as the colors are extremely vibrant. These are all manners of wonderful birds on these plaques including cranes for longevity and phoenix representing the Empress. All in all quite beautiful. POR

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17th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Floral Motif Lidded 6 ins. Tall by 5 ins. Wide Ginger Jar

There sometimes are little things that attract one’s eyes that we really can’t put our fingers on? In the case of this jar for me, it was the almost child-like rendering of the cobalt blue flowers and the genuine crackle glaze finished product. There are a few chips to the rim though looking at them now they would have been made a very long time ago. CAN $175.00

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Chinese Late Qing Dynasty Canton Rose 21 inch Porcelain Famille Verte Bottle Vase

​This is a very large Famille Verte Canton Rose bottle vase that was made around 1880 and weighs 26 lbs. These Canton pieces are now more highly valued than the ‘Medallion’ version because of the profuse use of decoration featuring birds, butterflies insects, roses, and people scenes. The vase is in mint condition.

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Chinese Kangzi Mark Porcelain Polychromed 5 1/3 inch scalloped Bowl

​When I first purchased this little dish, though with a good period Kangzi period seal mark affixed to the base it was simply too fresh, too perfect to be 300+ years old. To look at this little piece what one realizes right away is that this was a piece created by a late Qing/Early Republic period potter done out of respect for the porcelain decorators 250-300 years earlier most likely early Kangzi, mid 17th or earlier….why….the decorator used overglaze enamels including true to period iron rust red, except for the cobalt blue which was underglaze (they had not yet figured out how to do underglaze blue. The six character horizontal seal mark was only used early during the Kangzi period as well. Also the potter did a fabulous job of copying thinly potted and scalloped porcelain, not quite ‘egg shell’ but wonderfully thin.

This little dish is in MINY condition. CAN $225.00

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Naruse Seishi Massive 28 ins. Wide y 17 ins. Tall 1893 Chicago Colombian World’s Expo Grand Prize Winner Porcelain Tray

​This is a one of a kind porcelain Masterpiece by the Master Artisan who in 1893 won the Grand Prize for Crafts, which that year was a Bronze Medal, the second-place prize that year was an ‘Honorary Gold Medal’ and was won by Makuzu Kozan for his elaborately designed pair of large vases. Shortly thereafter he would become the Official Potter to the Japanese Imperial Family. Of special interest is the fact that both Kozan and Seishi sacrificed 8 years of their lives in the creation of these single Masterpiece for the Chicago World’s Exposition.

Of even greater significance and in a feat never before seen in the history of the World’s Fair Exposition an exhibit specifically LOT # 561 titled an ‘ORNAMENT’ by Naruse Seishi -Gifu won the Grand Prize that year. In point of fact the ornament was the ROOIF of a ceramic replica of the Tokugawa Shrine Gate at Nikko Japan and measured .75 meters tall and .45 meters wide. On the ocean transit, the ship was almost sunk in a typhoon, however, the bottom two-thirds of the replica was destroyed, along with other Masterpieces destined for Chicago, including a set of 4 season massive cloisonne vases by Kumeno Tietaro.

When the judges witnessed the intricacy of the design of the ROOF they awarded it the Grand Prize Bronze Medal. The great Kinkozan Sobei VII who had medaled in every other World’s Fair was shut out. The great Yabu Meizan had a special technique copied here from a Wikipedia article “Meizan’s works are characterized by minute decoration applied using copper plate designs. These engraved copper plates were used to print the designs on paper, which would then be cut to provide stencils for painting on vases or plates” Meizan chose to nevcer exhibit at a World’s Exposition.

Photos and information on the famed ” Roof” can be found in a catalog of an exhibit of Naruse Seishi’s work held in Japan in 2010 in the Harvard Fine Arts library as well as in a large museum in GIFU Japan. POR

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Circa 1820 Pair of Massive all-around- Master Artist Painted Paris Porcelain Pastoral Lamped Vases 31 ins. Tall 9 ins. Wide

There is a bit of an interesting story behind these gorgeous porcelain lamps( the porcelain alone is 19 inches in height) as they were purchased out of a French castle by a member of Russian Aristocracy who fled Russia in 1941 to settle in Montreal. These were purchased in Montreal from the daughter of the couple who fled Russia. ( I also have an intricately carved Bombay Blackwood (sinks in water similar to ebony….quite heavy) chair with Ivory embellishments bearing the Family Crest of the Last King in India Wajid Ali Sha, dating to around 1850 which I will be posting at a later date. Tere is very slight rubbing to the porcelain gilding in the foot area. The photos tell the story of these very special lamps….compare to those at the finest auction houses or 1st dibs?

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Chinese Export Mid 18th Century 13 1/4 ins. Wide by 2 ins. Deep Blue and White Porcelain Charger

​The glaze is beautiful and as the design is slightly raised the leaves on the tree literally sparkle. There is no damage to the charger. CAN $195.00.

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Chinese Early 18th C. Yongzheng-Qianlong Export Famille Verte 9 3/4 ins. Diameter porcelain Leisure & Landscape Plate

​I believe that this little plate is fairly rare in the landscape and leisure motif, as well as the lovely cobalt and turquoise/peacock blue used in its decoration. Interesting that it’s not hard to tell that this was fired in a wood-burning kiln, as there are carbon residue burn marks to the base. There are no chips, cracks or any form of restoration on this plate. CAN $175.00

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Master Artisan Signed Japanese Porcelain 9 ins. Wide by 4.5 ins. Tall Finely Enamel Decorated ‘Cranes’ Pedestal Dish

This pedestal dish was obviously hand decorated by a Master Artisan, with the cranes viewed in their natural environment. The enamel colors utilized give the art form a natural look so lifelike you almost wish they could lift off…such are the skills of this master. CAN. $475.00

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18th C. Tokugawa Clan Crest Samurai Brass Encased Blue and White Porcelain Stacking Bowls

This has to be one of the rarest pieces from my collection….having been a soldier myself I know that combat does not take a lunch break….never has and never will, with the possible exception of a special Christmas day supper. So we can imagine during a lull in the battle a Samurai reaching under his armor or inside a pack for these little stacked bowls in their precision fit lidded brass encasement, for a small protein snack. Tere is a small bruise on the second level bowl that coincides with a small dent that looks to have been made by a piece of lead shot….The handle on the lid could use a rewelding, though it is still solidly attached. Otherwise, quite a rare piece from the last Edo Shogunate.

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Signed Edo Period Enamel Decorated Kutani 5 1/4 ins. Wide by 3 1/4 ins. Tall Porcelain Dragon and Phoenix Village Scene Bowl

​Kutani signed Village scene excellent condition bowl with a fierce dragon hiding at the bottom, waiting I believe for one of the villagers to fall from their tenuous perches on the sides. The enameling would have taken weeks to complete as each color required a different temperature and amount of firing time. $600.00

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Mid-Nineteenth C. Gilt Worcester High Grade 9 inch Porcelain Cabinet Birds Plate for Richard Briggs Boston

​It is not a well known fact that there are at least half a dozen levels of quality in porcelain ceramics. For example the Chinese would use only the finest quality porcelain at their Imperial Kiln in Jingdezhen. This little 9 inch plate is the finest example of European porcelain I have ever seen, that has the amazing visual effect in contrast to the lovely gold gilt birds on this cabinet plate, that is in mint condition.

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Derby Porcelain 1820 Dragon(Komodo) in a Tree-Geoffrey Godden Collection 8.5 in. Diameter Plate-MINT

​Wonderful 8.5 inch porcelain plate with Derby 1820 mark from the personal collection of Geoffrey Godden, appraiser on ‘Antiques Roadshow’ on BBC and noted author of major reference work on British Ceramics Marks in absolute mint condition.