Thirty- two years ago in Edmonton, Alberta a special Lady invited me to go ‘Garage Sailing’ that she aptly described as being somewhat of an adventure. It proved to be an interesting example of “one person’s cast-away is another’s treasure’. Though there were no treasures to be found that day, amongst my few ‘finds’ was a small damaged cloisonné vase. Inspecting this little vase prompted me to wonder what made it tick. This curiosity brought to life fact based tales of great Samurai such as Namikawa Yasuyuki. When the Meiji Emperor disbanded the Samurai after hundreds of years of service to the Imperial Family, rather than starving to death, decided to switch from fashioning the finest quality Samurai edged weapons to studying the Fine Art of decorating metal bodies in exceptionally intricate patterns of fine wire and enamels.

To admit falling under the spell starting with, in my case the great 16th century handicraft masters of China and Japan at this point 32 years later would I’m afraid be a bit of an understatement.

In my website, you will find an eclectic melting pot of for the most part Asian antiques and fine works of art, with a smidgen of European and North American works to ‘lighten’ things up a little bit.

Your search on my site I would like to believe will offer antique niceties appealing to all price points and interests from a budding novice to museum curators.

Please dive in… ”The waters fine”...


There are a number of options regarding payment with etransfer being preferred; however, you may pay by certified cheque or certified Bank or postal money order in Canadian funds. I do not accept PAYPAL payments. You may also decide to enjoy your own adventure by coming on down to beautiful Nova Scotia, inspect your desired treasure and once satisfied pay and drive away. With the exception of very few pieces, my antiques will be packaged securely and shipped promptly with insurance offered at a nominal fee.